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Moringa is considered to be the most nutrient rich plant on earth. Moringa leaves have been consumed by Asian people for many generation as a healthy food product. Containing more than 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, these vivid green leaves are nature’s super-power food. Grenera Nutrients is an integrated Moringa company now also in CANADA that produces numerous Moringa products beginning with its inception of environmentally beneficial Moringa tree planting to manufacturing value added Moringa capsules, teas and other food products. We offer Free Shipping for all Canada customers on orders over $ 40.


For the preparation of the Moringa Capsules, the Moringa leaves are carefully processed under hygienic conditions. After processing, they are washed and dried using shadow drying method. Then we grind the leaves and make the powder. This powder is further sent to the laboratory for testing its appropriate contents of nutrients and minerals. In the laboratory, the powder is thoroughly checked to ensure that the nutrients have not been lost at the time of processing. Each bottle of Moringa capsules contains 120 vegetarian capsules. It is highly recommended to eat 4 capsules every day; 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Moringa powder capsules contain 100% pure Moringa leaf powder.


We offer 100% pure and organic Moringa leaf Powder. Fresh Moringa leaves are collected from the Moringa tree. And it is dried in a low temperature. The dried Moringa leaves are grind into Powder form. The Moringa leaves are carefully washed; shadow dried under suitable atmospheric conditions and then powdered. Heat is not applied in any stage of the processing and thus the nutrient values of the leaf are retained.


Moringa Oil or Ben oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of Moringa Oleifera Tree. We offer Cold pressed Moringa oil, which retains all the properties of the Moringa Oil. Moringa oil is the most stable oil in nature and it does not go rancid. Moringa oil has numerous applications in the cosmetics industry.

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